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Created : 15 December 2019
Edited : 16 December 2019

(again)Pixel art portraits

I had bought a new pixel art book and after reading though it I got renewed energy to do some pixeling. I then made these over the next couple of days.

One or the portraits is a different style and is exampled from the book. The others are based again of the Dan Malone of The Bitmap Brothers work.

While doing these I nocited I had to look less as the reference portraits. I think I have learned more how to do them. They are still not easily done. Some heads took quite a time to finish. I also from a book quote started doing heads with different base colors.

2 of the heads I added a grey shade or is it highlight to the side of the head. As mentioned in one of the pixelart books I have, mentioned that grey colors are really useful in replacing other colors as they can blend in nicely. I think also because they are based on whites and white is the maximum of all colors just as black is the minimum.

I am also slowly needing to get more into learning the pixel art jargon. Yesterday I noticed the word "highlighting" again. This is something that is for the shiny effect. Those bright points and area's where the light hits.

I still want to practise portraits more as I want to really get good versions of them. Hair is still a point of interest.

I also put stages of my work on twitter and can see how they do on the likes they get. These one got only 1 or so likes, one set got 5. Still a long way to go before I can impress.

Ooh, and I noticed I am learning from watching "lumpytouch" on the streaming site twitch. He is a experienced pixel artist doing Gorefield(garfield horror) art. He makes it look so simple to make real impressive art. His streams are archieved on the site and not behind a subscription wall. He is also working on a gorefield gameboy game I think he mentioned.



Monday, 16 December 2019, 04:09
Nice that you included the Andorians. They don't get nearly enough exposure.
Monday, 16 December 2019, 05:36
I had had not noticed it until you mentioned it!
Monday, 16 December 2019, 07:12
I was just looking at someone who sells images like these as badges for like 7$ a piece. My brother mentioned I should look at fiver also. Though I am not that interested in making money with anything with all the paper work and tax difficulties.

I heard once that once you file one tax raport you are stuck with it every year for like forever.

But it is useful to know that if I get better at it and I feel up to it there is money possibly to be made with art.

Monday, 16 December 2019, 07:15
Just be REALLY careful who you get to make them, especially on Fiver. Be absolutely certain that they know the image rights are not being given to them!! Contracts, if necessary.
The last thing you want is to get a badge made for yourself, then a week later, find the same person flogging the image on tshirts, all over the world.