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Created : 30 April 2009
Edited : 31 December 1969

#001 - An Idea Started


Socoder Newsletter

     "An Idea Started"
          #001 - May 1st 2009
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     5 Years On

          1st May 2004, Blitzcoder closed its doors.

          5 years on, and not much has changed.
          Some of us have gone on to do amazing things.

          The rest of us are still bobbing about writing silly
          It's fun. It might not pay the bills, but it's fun!
          .. If only it paid the bills!! ..
          To those that have stuck around since the BlitzCoder
          days, I'm glad you're still here. We've been
          through CW, and lived to tell the tale!
          To those who are new, enjoy the ride!!

          Here's to another 5 years of insanity.


Hot Topics

     Movie Thoughts
          Afr0's decided he wants to make it in the Movie
          business, and wants your ideas for possible short
          animated stories. He's going to attempt to enter his
          movie into a festival next year, as long as it's all
          done in time!

     PixelArt Request
          Zardon's been using too much Temporary art, and now
          needs to come up with a nice new theme for his work.
          If you're a decent pixel artist, head on over and
          help him out.
     Coding inside a Game
          JL235 wonders what kind of game can be made, if you
          allow some kind of coding within the actual game's
          world. Thoughts include RTS, Robot making, Logo and
          even an entire hackable system!

     Intel's "Level Up 2009" competition
          Intel have come up with an intruiging way to
          advertise their latest processors and graphic chips.
          Get Indie developers to build a bunch of programs
          that shows everything off, as best they can.
          There's a great big bunch of prizes on offer, so go
          and see what you can do.



     "Entangled Rectangles Mobile" by Pio
          Pio recreated the classic "Rectangles stuck together
          untangle them all!" puzzler, using Midlet Pascal.
          If you've a decent phone, you can probably run it!
          Let him know if you can!

     "RPGMaker" by Realtime
          A 3D RPG Creation tool. Realtime had been working
          on it for quite a while, but doesn't have the time
          to finish it anymore. The project is entirely open
          source, so why not have a look and see what you can
          do with it.

     "H~S~R : Horizontal Shooter Redux" by Jayenkai
          Recreated in Blitz3D, this is yet another version of
          Jay's super happy swirly shooter. It comes with
          Online highscores and a nice blurry background!



     Functional/Game Blogger (Linked by JL235)
          A blogger who like to write things in a nice big
          lengthy way. These are the types of blogs you'd
          happily pop onto your phone, or other e-reader, so
          you can relax and read all about coding.
          A great read.
     We Didn't Start the Flamewar (Linked by Jayenkai)
          A very well made video. Simple, but really quite
          nice, in a "that's quite impressive" kind of way.
     Introversion's year of hell (Linked by Jayenkai)
          Introvision had a really bad year in 2008.
          Founder, Chris Delay, tells of what went wrong, and
          why it all happened!


     #1, it's not much.
     But it can be better.
     Every week I'll be compiling a bunch of these.
     Links, topics, showcases, things like that.
     If you want to be part of this, use the forum, that's
     what it's there for.
     Give me some suggestions for things in future issues.
     It's rubbish. It'll get better!
     Let get this started!