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Created : 09 May 2019

#414 - Scrabbling News

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; Scrabbling News

#414 - Friday 10th May, 2019

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Every Friday, Scrabble Scrabble Scrabble


; Hello World

I've spent the entire week making a Scrabble clone.
All smegging week!

I've been slowly building up the Shoebox framework so that Scrabble should've been a rather simple task. Board + Rack + Words.
The WordList function was working, the Board functionality was going, the Item Placement was done.
Everything should've been as easy as Pi.

But no. I forgot about all the GUI elements that make up a game of Scrabble, and that's before trying to get a decent AI working for the game.
Hours and hours spent tweaking numbers and arrays, in the hope that the computer player would stumble upon a decent scoring word or two..
It ended up being more piezochemistry than just Pi..

I'm fairly happy with how it's turned out, now, but it was certainly a lengthier task than I originally envisaged.

Another week of crazy coding, and another week where I'm neglecting my "Normal" framework. .. That's a rather worrying sign. Hmmm..



; Musical Interlude

TKS has been learning to play the keyboard.
After just 6 weeks of training, from simple book reading, he posts audio of his latest playing abilities.

; Still Flapping

Rychan posts an update on his Flappy progress, with news of a proper end credit sequence!


; Rebirth of a Worm

A Worm.
A Gun.
What else could it be, but..

.. Well, I guess technically it could be Worms.

It isn't Worms..


; RIP : Chewbacca

Legendary actor Peter Mayhew died this week.
Peter played the great big fuzzy fella, Chewbacca, for almost the entirety of the Star Wars franchise up to this point, only having passed the role on during the most recent movie.
A great loss to the Wooly Wookie World.

Bonus Tubage

; Bonus Tubage

Steve's been posting more YouTube vids to the Tubage section of the site, and it's been making me rethink the Tubage area quite a bit.
I'm now wondering if, rather than that section being a "normal" forum section, I might be able to create some kind of Video Gallery, there.
Each video would still have its own thread, but instead of a standard Forum view, the whole section would take on a different style that gathers videos together instead of just being all text based.

Do let me know if you have any suggestions for what form this idea might take..

; Musical Interlude


; CPC Racing Trailer


; Golf Harder



; Keyboard Cat?

View on YouTube

; Rrrrrrrrdip


; Is That a Nut?

Looks like a nut to me!!!

; Shrugs



; Squirrel Bot

For science!!!

View on YouTube

; Font of Information

The Final Fontier


; Future History

A look into the past, for a vision of the future

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

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And of course...

Movie Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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