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Created : 30 May 2019

#417 - News Wants to Have Fun

Weekly Newsletter

; News Wants to Have Fun

#417 - Friday 31st May, 2019

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Every Friday, OMG, where did the week go!?


; Hello World

So, a week of playing with a Japanese version of Petit Switch.. How'd I get on?
Thankfully the language is entirely in English. .. Or at least, as English as "BASIC" is.
The Help popups (Tap F1, just like Blitz) are all in Japanese, but Google Translate's been at hand to help figure things out.
Of course, that usually means having to decypher what the hell Google's obscure translation is supposed to mean, but for the mostpart, it's been fairly smooth sailing.

I'm usually not the sort to enjoy the annoying popup nature of AutoComplete during coding, but the fact that I can type a letter, then scroll through all the possible commands, has been something of a lifesaver.
Searching for "The command that sounds approximately like it might be something to do with the thing I'm trying to do" hasn't always been fruitful, but for the mostpart I've usually found what I'm after.

The language is also Case Insensitive, thank fuck, so I don't have to have everything constantly in Caps, and have already seemingly decided on a case-style that seems to fit the Blitz-like nature that I'm aiming for.

Adding your own commands (def FunctionName arg1,arg2,arg3) can be slightly difficult.
I haven't yet found a way, and don't think you can, have multiple versions of the same command with different arguments.
It DOES have the ability to either access arguments either by the given variable name, or using DefArg(n), but I can't seem to get it to do "I missed this argument out, use a default" stuff, like Blitz can.

I am enjoying it, though. So, that's good!



; Pixly

Pakz finds a decent sprite-editor for Android.
It's handy to have a sprite-editor on a touchscreen. My art style has gotten at least 2% better since switching from mouse to tablet spriting.
As with all things, any tool is only as good as the person using it, and it's always important to give yourself a good lengthy period to get used to the tools, too.
Good luck, Pakz!


; Picard Trailer

Amazon post a trailer for the new Picard series, and Rockford gets himself shunned by the entire community.

; Terminator 65000

And that's not the model number of the Terminator.


; Shit Telly

Don't watch these!
The forum recommends TV shows that you definitely shouldn't bother to watch.

; All Snacked Out

Rockford continues his quest to try all the snacks from the bundle he's been given.
Fishy things, Cartoon Children, KitKats, and even Robot Rollerskaters.
Rockford eats everything!!


; EdgeChrome

Microsoft have released a "Developer Preview" of their Chromium based version of Edge.
You can download it, install it, use it, and ..
I'm using it, right now!
In fact, I've been using it all morning, for posting Daily Pixelart and Blog, and grabbing the links for this newsletter, checking my emails and tweet notifications, and more.
Honestly, it's not been a bad experience, and has in fact been.. .. Exactly the same..

Would I recommend it?
Not sure. Not really any better or worse than Chrome, from what I can see.

But I think if I were to start from a fresh Windows Install, I might be less tempted to bother to install Chrome... And I get the feeling that's probably the real reason they're doing this.


; The Wizard

View on YouTube

; Emulator Upgrade

Saturn emulation just got a lovely upgrade.

; WEEeeeeee

Tom has a go on a zip-line.


; Martin Makes Music

Taking a break from his usual Tunnel Exploration, Martin heads to the studio.

View on YouTube

; Andrew Makes Music

Meanwhile, Andrew draws!


; A Load of Old Willy

The history of the bloke who wasn't Dr Who.

View on YouTube

; Wireless Lights

Shopping for electrical bits and pieces in Japan.
Wait 'til he goes to buy the resistors..
Oh my god, it's like oldskool Tandy, but MORE!!


; The Lost Dog

A Nintendo Character that was almost completely missed.

View on YouTube

; Part Two


80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

(This album is in all good music outlets, btw, and includes almost the entire Superfrog Soundtrack, remastered!)

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