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Created : 11 July 2019

#423 - Shut News

Weekly Newsletter

; Shut News

#423 - Friday 12th July, 2019

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Every Friday, watching hundreds of utterly shit music covers, in a bit to try to select only the best, to go into your weekly feed.
The man from SoCoder.. he say Yes!


; Hello World

I've been playing with the free Open Source kdenlive (.org) video editor, this week.
Seems fairly good, and is quite easy to use.
There's just one teensy tiny issue I'm having with it.
Every single time (EVERY TIME) I make a change, then hit the "play" button to preview the change.
EVERY single bloody time, without fail.
The only way to work with it seems to be
to edit, save, wait for it to
then reload the program and hit the play button.
It's very very frustrating, but it's a nice piece of software that otherwise
seems to work fairly well.
I just need to figure out how to get it to Play without


; Monkey Madness

Spinal continues to encounter numerous issues with Monkey, and has to relearn all the basics, all over again!

; The SpinalCord DS

Instead, then, Spinal's hoping to build a little handheld C64.
He's opted to take apart a touchscreen to help build his own teensy keyboard!
Sounds awfully complicated!

; Meanwhile..

Spinal's decided to make another video mashup thing.
... I wonder what video editor he's using?


; Nom vs Vom

Rockford continues to snack on odd Japanese snacks, and finds even more of those giant wotsits!!

; Degusta

Meanwhile, Jay continues to chomp on the weirdest snacks from his British box of oddities.
... I think Jay preferred noodles..


; Stranger Things 3

Netflix released the third season of Stranger Things, and the world's gone 80s mad!

; Switchless

Nintendo announce a Switch that doesn't Switch.
Somewhere, deep in Nintendo HQ, someone's having a serious rethink about that name.


; When Bad Lip Reading goes wrong

Usually they take the Micky and make up funny things, but on this occasion, I'm not sure they faked anything.

View on YouTube

; When the Voice in Your Ear goes wrong

Sometimes, people just need a little assistance.

; ComicCon Preparations

Suji is upset. He's getting left behind.

; Sekittycretary



; I Do Voices

Progressional voice artist reviews bad voice acting.

View on YouTube

; In the Belt

Ever wondered what's inside Batman's Utility Belt?
Wonder no more!!

; Clues

Searching for the truth behind Zelda BOTW's "Forgotten Temple"


; Mortal Kombat

The history of the videogames, and the movie.

View on YouTube

; Rainbow Road

Bloody bloody Rainbow bloody Road.
*falls off again*

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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