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Created : 18 July 2019

#424 - Especially for News

Weekly Newsletter

; Especially For News

#424 - Friday 19th July, 2019

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Every Friday, It Never Ends


; Hello World

Thursdays are hard enough, trying to do the blog and the ALChoon and all of the other things I do each day, without also needing to stop and head into town for a Disability Assessement..
Hopefully today's goes better than the last one, or I'm going to have two simultaneous fights on my hands.
And my hands aren't good for fighting.

They're good for typing, and not much else.


; Random Bag

Pakz tries his hand at generating a bag of randomness, to help make things more random, but also less random.


; Switch Upgrades

Nintendo and NVidia have created a new chipset for Switch, which makes a smaller "even more handheld" Switch possible.
They've named it, Switch Lite, and it's due for release in a couple of months.

In other news, they're also retrofitting the new streamlined chip inside a reworked revision of the original Switch, which should apparently give a significant boost to battery life, almost doubling it.
Note, this is all down to the chip, not the battery. So if you see people all over the internet whinging about why they don't put the new battery into older systems, you can just laugh at them for being so dumb and not properly reading things.

; Switch Gadget Update

A couple of new IAP instruments have been added to the Switch version of KORG Gadget, and Jay isn't at all impressed.


; Steve++

Steve gets a new family member!
Aww, look at those cute rosey cheeks..
Congratulations to Steve and family.

; Munching

Reckford continues his snacking, but has had to slow down, after suffering a terrible cold.

Meanwhile, Jay opens a fresh box of oddities.


; Another Life

An interesting looking SciFi is coming to Netflix, next week.
But will it be as good as the trailer makes out?


On August 9th, Netflix and Nickelodeon will be releasing a new movie of Rocko's Modern Life!


I'm finding fewer and fewer "little funny video" clips with every passing week.
As much as I appreciate that YouTuber's are moving on to create much more complex content, I am really missing the abstract silliness that used to make up the majority of the Choobs.
I guess I need to start hanging out with the cool kids, to see what's actually good, nowadays.

; Breakfast!!?

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; Salad!!?


; ALChoon



; Sound of the Breath

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; Joke of the Barn


; Player of the Tape



; When Daleks Attack

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A fascinating miniseries about the history of the Daleks, and oldskool Who Production.
There are (as I type this) currently 3 episodes in the series.

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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