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Created : 02 April 2020

#461 - Set News Free

Weekly Newsletter

; Set News Free

#461 - Thursday 02nd April, 2020

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Every Thursday, Watching the birds outside, because there's nothing else out there.


; Hello Isolation

How's life indoors treating you?
I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and secure, indoors, away from any dangers.

With everything being ever so slightly awry, the world of Tubeage seems to be transferring to Livestreams.
Everyone's doing it.
Geoff and Vicki are holding crazy late night chats, and early morning edutainment events, and Barry Lewis is doing daily cookalong events with his kids.
Right now, as I type this, in my YouTube subscriptions, Big Clive is live, as is Yahtzee, GameChops, Daniel Ibbertson, and Michael Sobin as well.
And it's been like that all week.

As a result the usual selection of Tubeage is somewhat stunted, as I'd rather not direct you to leftover 4 hours streams that people have done a few days earlier.
But, do hop along and enjoy some of the oddities that are popping up.
The daily Barry Lewis cookalongs have been fun to watch, though me and Mum are yet to join in with one.

If you DO, however, why not show off your baked results in a thread!!


Has anybody coded anything, this week?
I'm not sure if anyone has.
I mean, I have, 'cos I have bog all else to do, but what about everyone else?
If you've coded, built, composed, doodled, or anything, stick it in the forum.
Don't make me have to prattle on about myself, next week, too!?!


; Biznagas

Thank god Word of the Week is automated, 'cos I completely forgot about it, this week. (This is pretty much what eventually happened to Wednesday Workshop!!)

The word random picker doohickey, this week, picked out the word Biznagas, which is a type of cactus.
I drew my usual sticky-note-style scribble, but the more I look at it, the ruder it starts to look.



Might change the title of this section for the next few weeks.

The oddness of everyday life continues, with companies closing down all over, people getting laid off and general chaos in the streets.. If anyone's out there.
Having said that, a new era of normality is starting to set in.
Shops are getting used to new ways of handling customers, and customers are, for the most-part, doing the right thing and not freaking out and panic buying.
Online shopping is also getting a little more relaxed. I've been able to order some Warbies bread, this week, but not milk.. Milk seems harder to get, at the minute.
The new norm is coming, and so are the goats.



In the meantime, I've asked in the Corona-thread that any Celebrity Corona RIP posts be kept within that thread.
This isn't s Hard-Rule, and you can judge whether important people deserve their own thread.
It's just that I'm anticipating the number of posts to increase, especially given how prevelant the virus has been over in America.
Hopefully we don't get that, but .. Just in case, and for the sake of everyone's sanity, let's try not to have a sidebar completely full of RIP threads.


; Animal Island

Only Jay seems to be posting about the time he's spending playing Animal Crossing.
Join in if you've got 'em!

; Rentabust

Rent-To-Own firm?
More like "Rent forever and never own it, we own your soul" firm.
The UK's biggest chain has gone bust, but will the customers see the benefits, or will everything go horribly horribly wrong for everyone involved?


; The Hand!!

Confusion over a possible fugly sprite causes grumbles in the forum.

Also, having had Missile Command on my mind, I ended up making Matrix Blaster for Petit Switch, this week, and am halfway through another missile-command'esque game for Browsercade, too.
I swear, you can't let me near game ideas.. I'll pinch ANYTHING!!!
Surprised I haven't made a game about Caronavirus yet.


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; Half Life 2


; Smash!


; Live-streaming


; Spidey!



; Money

Why IS the 2p coin so big?

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; China

What have they ever done for us?

; Draw With Rob



; Tested Podcast

In which Adam describes his finger accident.
(From about 10:40)

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; Enjoy



90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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