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Created : 02 July 2020

#474 - Lovenews

Weekly Newsletter

; Lovenews

#474 - Thursday 02nd July, 2020

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Every Thursday, Eating Strawberries and Ice Cream


; Hello July

How is it July already?!
I guess it helps that most of the first half of the year has been spent indoors trying to find curious things to do.
I helped Mum fix up the old couch, in the back-porch, a couple of weeks ago. It looks great, and now Mum wants to bring it into the house, replacing the main couch which .. is nice and all, but the cheapo leather's an absolute mess, now, and the sponges are shot to hell..

So, for the past couple of weeks we've been trying to find someone (big strong manly type) to help us find a way in with it.
Nobody's helping. Gits.

Hate it when you can't get help with something.
Makes you feel somewhat useless.

Hopefully we can find someone soon.


; Boxes

Rychan's decided on a suitable printing company to do his Flappy Boxes.
But 100 of them?! Yikes!

It's been a quiet week on the site, this week.
Having said that, I've not even posted much, myself.
Been working on my lovely Asset Generator, and really should be posting my progress on it. I'm not sure why I haven't.

What have YOU not posted to the site, this week?


; Propends

I couldn't think of a way to illustrate the word Propends, this week, so might've cheated with the little scribbly doodle thing.
If you can come up with a better illustration, post it!


Coronavirus still lingers like a violent serial killer waiting to strike once more.
It lingers in the back alleys, and watches all the people passing by.
Soon it will strike.
Meanwhile, companies all around the globe are facing financial struggles, people are losing jobs in their thousands, and no doubt the CEO's will get rich from the whole palava.
"I kept the company afloat by firing everybody! Hurrah! Gimme a £520 billion bonus!"
Meanwhile, Leicester is closing itself back up, and there are worries that other parts of the country might end up doing the same.

It's all utter chaos, right now, and that's just the UK.
The US is suffering a hell of a lot worse.
Thoughts are with everyone out there.

Stay safe.
Stay indoors.
Stay in touch.


; Closure

As the new Bill and Ted movie draws closer, so does the closure of the Mall from the first film.
Surely there's some kind of publicity opportunity here?

; Bolero Drinks

Jay ends his adventure with soft-drinks, with a roundup of his favourites from the selection.


; Mr Driller

An unreleased Japanese Mr Driller game finally saw the light of day overseas, this week, as Mr Driller DrillLand was released on Nintendo Switch.

; Playtime

Rockford claims to have "shitloads" of games for his Vita that he's never had the time to play properly.
Sounds like it could make for an excellent thread!

; Animal Crossing : July Update

The July update will be bringing swimming back!
I can't wait until July.
OMG! It's July!!

; Loot Gamble

The UK's House of Lords have declared that Loot Boxes are indeed Gambling, no matter how much the game companies are desperately telling you that they're not.


; Musical Interlude

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; Holiday

Take a breather

; Old Clothes


; Fitness Interlude


; Hungry Bird


; Hammer Time


(And the accompanying episode)


; Station!

Geoff keeps himself busy, whilst not being on all the trains.

View on YouTube


; Table

Adam builds a little table for his porch.

View on YouTube

; The Hoff


; Grumble

Ashens prefers Arcade versions.

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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