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Created : 13 August 2020

#480 - I Just Can't Stop Loving News

Weekly Newsletter

; I Just Can't Stop Loving News

#480 - Thursday 13th August, 2020

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Every Thursday, Before Bed


; Hello World

Been a busy August for me, so far.
I've decided to forego regular AGameAWeek, and instead work on fixing up a whole bunch of background things.
Things that aren't "bad", but that also aren't exactly great.
I've so far fixed up the game switching in Foldapuz, got the new Emoji buttons working on SoCoder, and even rejigged my Jukebox player script.
It's been a nice steady flow of fixes, and then Apple comes along and sends me a fix for Browsercade and Shoebox!
I wasn't expecting that!

So, yeah, things are flowing well, and no doubt something remarkably unexpected will end up buggering things up in ways that I can't possibly account for.
.. That's always the way.



; New Emoji

The new emoji buttons have been activated, and more or less functioning properly.
I now need only draw them all.


; MetalMan says Hi

Stopping by for a quick hello, then disappearing again.
Say hi to MetalMan, everybody!

; Edge says Hi

Microsoft's latest Windows Update brings along the new updated Edge Chromium for public consumption.
Say hi, and let us know how much you love/hate it.


; A Storm is Brewing

A giant thunderstorm hit the UK, this week, and although Jay enjoyed much of the lightning show, it's left some pretty dramatic marks across the country.
Stay safe, everyone.


; Refreshed Prince

A new version of Fresh Prince is being worked on, with Will Smith and the original Fresh Prince creators, all being involved behind the scenes.

; End of the Music

Google are doing what Google do best, and are unceremoniously closing down their Play Music.
All your purchased music will be gone, because Google think it'll force everyone to YouTube music.
It won't.
At all.
It'll just force them to anything OTHER than a Google owned thing, because why the hell would you trust them with your purchases?


; Spectrum Next : Issue 2

The feedback is in, and Spectrum Next starts a whole new Kickstarter campaign for the next itteration of the Spectrum Next.
The new and improved model is back on Kickstarter, and hopes are high that it'll do as well, if not better, than the original.

; Manic Miner 3D

Blake Robinson's made a nice looking 3D Manic Miner clone.

View on YouTube


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Proof

Just ask yourself, what is the right thing to do..

; Musical Internook



; To Boldly Split the Infinitive

View on YouTube


; Battle Chess Battle

.. wait.. there's a new Battle Chess?

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


YoutubeCover Corner

View on YouTube


And, the original composer's making of..
A lovely lengthy tutorial with muted channels and the like.

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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