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Created : 17 September 2020

#484 - News Your Own Way

Weekly Newsletter

; News Your Own Way

#484 - Thursday 17th September, 2020

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Every Thursday, Fighting with the little thin earpod wire, which appears to want to strangle my wrist while I type.


; Hello World

Spent the past 48 hours going crazy about cached files, again.
Seems like iOS14 wants to keep using that cached version of the old spritesheet, no matter how many ways I tell it to remove the old one, clear the cache, have a new one, update the thing, god damnit, update the damn file you stupid bloody phone..
Sure, the iPhings will all happily pop up requesters all over my Mum's devices, letting her know there's giant system updates to be installed, but a 4kb .png file?!
Nah, that's too much to deal with..

Meanwhile, most of today has been a case of backing up various iPhings incase the various updates break things, and watching as my laptop's harddrive space goes on a holiday.
Then I have to dig around, trying to figure out where the hell iTunes is dumping its backups, this week, so I can shuffle them all off to the NAS drive.

It occured to me, today.
I wonder if Apple encrypts those backups in such a way that, come a device failure, and me needing to drag them back from the NAS to my laptop, the backups will no longer work because of some stupid crap they've added into the mix..

Let's hope the iPhings don't break, then, eh!!?!


; Postfix

Dan's posted a chunk of code that replicates "Postfix" in Blitz.
Must admit, not a fan.. I struggled to use it (or as it was, "Reverse Polish Notation") in Madgarden's wonderful GlitchMachine (no longer on iOS because.. Apple), but frequently stumbled into my own complex maze of confusion.
My head just can't deal with maths being written that way.
If you can cope, however, do give it a whirl!

; Printed Animation

Spinal's quest to have a most excellent cd cover continues, with a quest for ink, and some quality cleaning up of images..


; Pakz Plus!

Pakz gets offered a superfast broadband upgrade deal!!!

; Pakz Minus..

Pakz gets an eviction notice.


As Covid continues to run rampant, the Prime Minister is (as of typing) trying his best not to shut down the entire country.
.. Whilst slowly closing more of it off, piece by piece.

The North-East of England is on a final-warning situation, with Lockdown glooming over the lovely horizon.
Aaah, look at the lovely picturesque scenery. .. Through your window.. From inside your house.
Don't go out.

People in Rhondda Cynon Taf have also been told to go into Lockdown, since their stats have started to spike, too.
For what it's worth, I don't think you need to stay put. But I do think you need to be careful when you do go out.

Masks, distance, and standard honest to goodness hygiene.
We'll be ok.


; New Ways To Spend

Apple have announced new technology that isn't new, but is better, but isn't new.
The two biggest upgrades are the iPad Classic now with an A12 processor, and the iPad Air now with A14 processor, as well as proper Stereo speakers in landscape, and *gasp* USB!!?!?! As standard?! From Apple???!?!?!?!?!

; Nvidia buys ARM

As ARM becomes more and more popular, going into damn near everything it can go, will Nvidia somehow fuck it all up and cause a giant crash in computer technology??!

; PS5 Launch Details

A heck of a lot cheaper than I imagined, especially for that Digital edition.


; The Quest Continues

Hasbro are bringing back HeroQuest..
I had no friends who wanted to play it in the 80s. Things haven't gotten any better, since!!

; Dodgy Rocks

A new game for the Amiga!
Dodgy Rocks sees the adventurer dodging rocks!
Grab it from itch.io for Amiga, or I suppose you could get the Windows, Linux or MacOS versions, but who needs those??!
A game by @nivrig

; Frogger

Grab a coin, scratch away, and head for the goal.
A game by @shenbotmakes


; Being Pestered

View on YouTube

; Love is All Around

Alphonso knows where to find it.

; Musical Interlude


; Chatty Bird


; Time Travel

The amazing sites of the future!!

; YouTube Classics



; Learning to Play

Takes time..

View on YouTube


; 8Bit Builder

8But Guy gets a new space!

View on YouTube

; Hook


80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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