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Created : 24 September 2020

#485 - News Fear

Weekly Newsletter

; News Fear

#485 - Thursday 24th September, 2020

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Every Thursday, Lock Your Doors


; Hello World

Recently discovered Michael Rosenbaum's podcast, Inside of You. (He played Lex Luthor on Smallville)
He chats to a collection of US stars, about acting, getting into the biz, and the usual crazy tales of general insanity.

Highly recommended if you need something in the background whilst wandering around your latest planet in No Man's Sky for hours at a time, hunting for buried treasure, and looking at the new mushrooms.
.. Or, you know, whatever you're doing!


; No Content

I shouldn't complain. I've made another 3 games this past week, and I haven't posted about any of them.
Made a lovely tunnel-shooter on Switch, then redid it in the Browser. Kinda fun. Really repetitive, though.
This week I'm doing a H.E.R.O. clone.
Haven't posted any of this to the forum.
Haven't even done a Saturday Roundup. Haven't done that in AGES..
I need to post more.
We all need to post more.

Everyone. Post more, or I'll whinge even worse, next week!!


Lockdown 7485060992759 is on, again.
Stay at home, unless you can't, and don't meet anyone, ever, unless you're at the pub.

Gotta go out today, to get a Flu jab.
Looking forward to that.. :\

This week's posts include a sniffle, a funeral, and


Stay safe, everyone, and don't go on holiday, then come home and have a sodding Pub Crawl.

; RIP - Jackie Stallone

Rocky's Mum. You probably remember her from that time she turned up on Celebrity Big Brother, and everyone was going "She's a Celebrity's Mum... That doesn't count!"


; Parental Printing

What's a good choice of printer for a parent, or someone who isn't all that techy'minded?
Pakz buys a new printer for his Mum.

; No Man's Sky Update

NMS got a nice big update, today, and Jay posted about that into the PS4 thread, because apparently that's all he's ever going to be playing on his PS4.
He still hasn't bothered to even play Street Fighter V.
Come on, Jay. Play things other than NMS. There's tons of other..
OOOH, Mushrooms!!!!


; Pakz's Laptop

Pakz bought a new laptop. Looks like a kick-ass amount of technology.

; Sonic VR

TheRevillsGames points us to a video showing off a Sonic-Clone with VR support.
I managed to watch about a minute before the nausea kicked in.
How far can you cope?!
Gotta Go Fast!


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Every 60 Seconds


; Spider!!!!




; Beat Making

Andrew has all the tech

; YouTube Classics




; Car Swap

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80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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BBC created an at-home music festival, to go alongside the Proms, with loads of your favourite artists joining in.

View on YouTube



Have a trawl through iPlayer, Sounds, and their YouTube channel, for more.

Note : May not be your favourite artists.

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