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Created : 22 October 2020

#489 - News in a Lifetime

Weekly Newsletter

; News in a Lifetime

#489 - Thursday 22nd October, 2020

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Every Thursday, Lacking in Xmas Presents


; Hello World

Is Xmas even happening, this year? Certainly isn't feeling festive, yet.
I doubt anyone will be visiting each other over Xmas, or at least not in our family.
If anything, it'll be a passing meet'n'greet, and handing over of presents.

.. So, we don't get to see people all year, but they'll still expect extravagant gifts at the end of the year.
Yeah, that's fair.. :\

Grumpy Cynical Jay's taking over again. Rawr!!!

Jay's been thinking about what he can do for a gaming Advent Calendar, this year, but with time getting incredibly short, it doesn't like it'll be anything particularly impressive.
Bah, humbug!


; Eggsack

Pakz shows a promising possibility of gameplay, as he finally starts putting his graphics together with playability!

; Ray Of Sight

Pakz has also been working on line-of-sight, which can be super useful in top-down dungeon style romping games.
I'm excited!!

; Looping Tracks

Jay play's Mario Kart Live and then instantly comes up with a method to make a decent looping track for a racing game.
Jay is sad that he can no longer simply enjoy games without pinching ideas.


; Lock Lock Lock Lock Lockity Lock Lock

England is definitely not going into Lockdown.
Approximately 50% of the country is now under "Tier 3", which is the Government's way of definitely not putting the entire country into lockdown.
It's completely different.
Just ask Andy Burnham.


; Festivities

Have you found anything nice/awesome/terrible for an Advent Calendar, this year?
Let us know, but no spoilers!!!

; The Great House Giveaway

Jay's found a new favourite Daytime TV show, in which two people are put together to do up a house, which they then sell for profit, because god forbid people actually have affordable housing accessible to them.
Lazy Jay watches a lot of daytime TV. He claims it's to help split his otherwise boring "code-a-thon" day into two halves, but I have it on good authority that he's just a lazy git,


; DiscoIII

Star Trek Discovery season 3 has begun with a bang. But then so did the last two seasons, and we all know how that went.
Will you be watching!?
Discuss your thoughts in the discussion thread.

; Faked

Jay opened up YouTube the other day, and a great big banner ad proclaimed to be showing off GTA VI. So, Jay copy+pasted the URL and bobbed it all over the internet, before realising it was a fake.
Jay's an idiot!!


; Up in the Air

View on YouTube

; A Grand Day Out

Places to visit

; Musical Interlude


; Animaniacs


; Ugly Interface's Hidden Feature



; Banking

How does it know?!

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; Alexa

How does it know?


; See Through

Linus buys a transparent tv.

View on YouTube

; Chatty Andrew

Andrew has a good natter

; The Munsters

They keep coming back

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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