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Created : 19 November 2020

#491 - Funkynews

Weekly Newsletter

; Funkynews

#491 - Thursday 19th November, 2020

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Every Thursday, Waking up late.


; Hello World

Sorry that the newsletter's a little later than usual, this week.
My usual Wednesday Night news gathering was rudely interrupted by a notification from Apple, telling me that my pre-order of Ashens and the Polybius Heist was ready to watch.
I dropped everything, and sat watching that until the wee hours of the morning.

A great movie. Highly recommended!


; Gameboy Punch

Rychan mocks up a couple of screenshots for a Gameboy game.
..but is he going to make it?


Covid's still out there, being all evil and shit.
Thankfully, recent vaccination tests seem to be showing good signs, and everybody's jumping on board to get stabbed with things we're still not 100% sure on.

Well wishes go out to TKS who (I assume) is still dealing with the effects of the Covid. Being mostly silent, I have to keep checking that he's logging in each day!


; PS5 or XsX/S

The time has come to make your decision. With both PS5 and XsX/S out in the UK, if you can find them, the next next generation is finally upon us.
For me, using RemotePlay to play everything on an iPad, the prospect of 4K gaming is pretty much worthless. But since Microsoft have stuffed up the XBox methods on iOS, it looks like I'll be forced to go with PS5, should I decide to do so.
Have you made your choice of Next Gen, or will you simply be sticking to what you've got?


; Ecto-Huge!

LEGO have unveiled a bigger Ecto-1, 4 times the size of the previous one.
Do you have the shelf space?


Xmas is literally just around the corner, (you can see its toes peeking out) and the forum's getting various things ready to go.
Advent calendars have been purchased, and Jay's been trying to decide on a nice graphical icon (and is somewhat ironically not being very creative) for this year's Advent of Creativity.
Will you be joining in with this year's Advent threads?

Be sure to get a few creative things ready to go!!


; Pakz Bitz

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; The Polybius

Ashens' movie is out, today, and it's a corker!

; Musical Interlude


; The Legend of Zilda


; Ye-Olde Musical Interlude


; Classic F!?#


; Classical Interlude


; Children In Need Song

This year's CIN song, which I didn't hear until three days after CIN had happened!


; Arty Tips

From the past!!!

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; Pizza Time



; 1.21 Cookies

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; Car Boot Finds


; Do You Remember..?

Google Desktop!

70s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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