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Created : 17 June 2021
Edited : 17 June 2021

#521 - Once in a Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Once in a Newsletter

#521 - Thursday 17th June, 2021

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Every Thursday, Coding, because coding is fun, and that's why we still do it.


Hello World

There's still those same few major bugs in JSE.
Minus numbers don't always work right without writing them as "0-n"
The First-Bracket bug is still being a pain in the arse.
But other than that it's now just a case of adding commands into the thing until it bursts... Which probably won't be too long, knowing my habit of leaving terrible game-breaking bugs in things!

This week, I've been adding a bunch of new features. There's CONST's because TheRevillsGames subtly suggested I needed them.
There's Array Sort/Shuffle commands, String Trimming, and a few other none-gamey commands like that.
Pakz is now wondering if File-Access might become a thing, but with all the issues that accessing files inside a browser brings, I'm not 100% sure if it is.
I'll likely give it a try though. Something to do, innit!?!



Steve Making Games

Steve's continuing his Coder-Rebirth phase, and has started work on a "ice block" puzzle.
The sort where you slide in one direction until stopped by a block..
Now the question is, what epic graphical style will it take!?!

Pop The Lock

Michael Fernie sent the first none-Jay game, written in JSE.
I've posted it as a Showcase, so feel free to have a play and be sure to give him some feedback.
Extreme timing required!!


GameBuilder Garage

Nintendo have released a game maker tool for Switch, which is essentially the same one that came with Labo.
.. I guess it's alright. People are doing interesting things with it, but, good grief..
Limitations are abound. You can throw objects at random, but not randomly, and I can't get more than 2 digits out of the Number display. Physics take control of everything, so having bullets fly in a straight line is a struggle.
Wrapping objects around the screen requires some crazy amounts of jiggery pokery, so they come out the other side at the same offset that they came in at. .. PER OBJECT!!!
Nah.. I'll be sticking with SmileBASIC.

Are you trying it out?
How've you got on, so far?


E3 2021

E3's been and gone. Has anything caught your attention?
Oh, boy, the number of dark muted JRPGs that were shown off!
Whatever happened to fun happy vibrant colourful JRPGs?!
What's the point of playing videogames if they're all dull and miserable!?
At least Nintendo still get it.



Rockford continues to snack on his pile of worldwide goodies.


Meanwhile, Jay finally gets a burger.



Fans of the 90s band Texas might like to know that they've released a new Album, "Hi"

View on YouTube


Fans of the 90s band Garbage might like to know that they've released a new Album, "No Gods No Masters"


Down T'Pit

Martin has a look around a Mining Museum.

View on YouTube

Visit the Desktop

Visiting the site of the famous Bliss desktop image


Bombay Mix?

View on YouTube

Part Two

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

A neural net tries to complete the music of Smash Bros.
Bit lengthy, but amusing!
My favourites are Flat Zone #1 & 2

View on YouTube

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