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Welcome to Socoder

Socoder is a community of coders, who sit in a quiet corner of the internet, chatting endlessly about random nonsense.
Occasionally we code, too.

If you'd like to join in with the chatter, feel free to register.

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Demon Attack X

27th November 2023

Demon Attack X is a remake of the TRS-80, Tandy Color Computer game that was published by IMAGIC in 1982. There were numerous ports based off the original Atari release, but I always found this version to be the best due to the unique graphics and the amaz*snip*


Moon Debris

19th November 2023

Blast away the moon debris and gather up some crystals along the way


Friday Night Bubble

11th November 2023

Frantic bubble bursting mayhem


Fairyland Solitaire

20th October 2023

Another year, another solitaire release :P
In the captivating world of Fairyland Solitaire, a whimsical and enchanting adventure awaits. Immerse yourself in a realm of magical wonders, where fairies flutter through lush forests and mystical creatures roa*snip*


Little Nemo X

16th October 2023

Little Nemo X is a remake of EikSoft's original game, Little Nemo's Nightmare which was released in August of 2014. The game combines two NES classics, Little Nemo: The Dream Master and the lesser known game Monster Party, to add a horror themed tw*snip*


Joust X

5th September 2023

EikSoft's first game release in nine years is finally here, full source code included! Joust X is a remake of the NES version of Joust that was released in 1988, which is itself a port of the original Williams arcade game released in 1982. The graphic*snip*