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Socoder -> Off Topic -> Browser Update

Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 03:27
Just done a windows update, here comes new edge.... didn't microsoft get into trouble in the 90's for forcing internet explorer on people?

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Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 03:27
I use edge now. Chrome got broken and reinstalling it does not fix it. It is not that bad. They like to earn their money in questionable ways though.
Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 04:49
The issue was (IIRC) the setting of IE as the Default browser, and they had to shove that "Which would you like to be your default browser" popup into versions of Windows.
Updating, upgrading, and keeping people safe from the dangers of IE/OldEdge probably doesn't count under that.
It only counts if it automagically sets itself up as the default..

I've been using Edge Chromium Beta for about a year, now, so I have no idea if it does that.
Does it does it!?!

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Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 06:24
To be fair, it didn't make itself default, but it did popup right after loading up windows and went straight into pestering me to import all of my chrome settings and bookmarks etc.

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Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 06:46
It is always nice when they make some changes, and now all my default and well used associated programs suddenly ask me if i want to keep that app opening that extension, *NOT*

If it were the first time and the only time asking this, maybe it would not be that bad.
Now even clicking on always open this extension with this app, triggers the question again and again. As if i'm going to change my mind about it.

Sadly linux is still not attractive enough to get it installed and to remove windows forever

And the filename case unsensitiveness makes me not want to use linux.
I do not want to have text.txt, Text.txt and tExt.txt in the same folder, not knowing which to open. (And to need to open each version of it, just to know which one is the right file, is just )

p.s. - i'm testing icons in this post, too.
Posted : Sunday, 09 August 2020, 06:47

Oh, Microsoft!!

It's not a bad browser, though.
Like I've said before, It you've got Chrome installed there's not much point.. It's pretty much identical..
But if I were doing a fresh install, there's less reason to bother to install Chrome/Firefox, since (finally!) the default isn't a bucket of garbage.

(*until they ultimately fuck it up, in that way that Microsoft tend to do)

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Posted : Sunday, 16 August 2020, 13:37
(Keeps on rocking Windows 7)

I tend to stick with Brave / Firefox / Opera nowadays.

Brave is fast becoming my favourite one to be honest.

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