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Posted : Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 05:01
Xbox GameCloud Beta is available. Linkage

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Posted : Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 05:01
Thought about this for most of the night..
It's $14.99 per month, and .. No Man's Sky is in there!!

But that means paying $14.99 a month for a single game.
But.. No.. I'd rather pay £unknown for a PS5 and get a better quality internally, than have to deal with online streaming.. .. and subscription fees..

If only I *could* pay £unknown for PS5.
Damn things still aren't showing up!

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Posted : Saturday, 03 July 2021, 07:29
Finally decided to give this a go.
Here are my play testing thoughts on.. you've guessed it.. No Man's Sky!!
FWIW : I'm playing on an iPad with a PS4 DualShock controller.

Cloud Functionality

Controller Lag.
The lag is roughly 5 frames between a button tap and the thing happening.
It's not "too" noticeable, but precision targeting shows it off the most. I thought it was bad enough playing it RemotePlay on the PS4, but.. yikes!!!

Stream lag.
Not too bad, actually. The game streams nicely, but occasionally you get that clicky audio thing, when it isn't quite as good a stream as it oughta be. That can be annoying.

"System" Functionality

Since I'm not playing "on" an Xbox, I can't use the Xbox interface to take a screenshot.

The iPad's Screenshot button works admirably, but .. particularly in No Man's Sky, the photo mode relies on you having the System Screenshot to count as taking a photo.
As that's not here, you can't actually accomplish any of the "take a photo of an X creature, or a Y planet" objectives in the game.
This isn't "game breaking", I don't think, but .. those do come up quite a lot!!

In addition, I couldn't seem to get any kind of keyboard up, to enter the name of my planet/system.

But, otherwise the game played nicely. It was a decent experience, and other than controller lag and that clicky sound, you probably wouldn't know that it's not running on a device in the home.
It actually looked prettier than RemotePlay'ing from my PS4, which is nice.

It's good

4 out of 5..
However. My motion sickness kicked in after about 10 minutes of play. I imagine that's down to the lag.

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Posted : Saturday, 03 July 2021, 16:15
Figured out the keyboard thing.
When the dialogue pops up requesting input, and no button at all on the gamepad will bring up the keyboard, the solution is.. .. tap the screen..
THAT brings up the keyboard.
Kinda unintuitive, if you ask me, but.. whatever!

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Posted : Wednesday, 07 July 2021, 07:15

After literally hours spent wandering round and round the planet, Xbox Jayenkai finally discovered PS4 Jayenkai's "Blueberry Chateaux"

Left = Xbox Game X Cloud Series S Ultimate X Beta S
Right = PS4

.. they can't see each other though.

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Posted : Saturday, 10 July 2021, 05:45
Whilst on today's Gaming Fest, I gave a few GameCloudDoohickey games a go.

Dirt 5

Trying to drive a rally car..
With Lag.
So much lag.
Completely unplayable.


Trying to steer a mountain bike..
With Lag.
So much lag.
Completely unplayable.

Goat Simulator

Trying to be a goat.
With Lag.
.. Alright, this one wasn't too bad for lag. I mean, the lag was still there, but it was manageable due to the slower pace of the game.
Not much of a game, mind.
It's pretty much just an Amazing Frog clone, really.

Two-Point Hospital

This game suggested I could "Play With Touch", so I imagined a scenario where touch might be interpreted as Mouse clicks, and that the game might be fun to play on a touchscreen like that.

And then up popped the onscreen Xbox Pad.



Lag. SO much lag.
No Man's Sky was a good example of this working well-enough, since the game is (for the most-part) nice and slow-paced.
Anything beyond that is laggy.

Would I recommend Xbox Gamepass Cloud S Ultimate Beta X?
It's only £1 to find out how well your network handles it.
.. So, maybe try it out.

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Posted : Thursday, 26 May 2022, 07:58
Almost a year later, and Microsoft let me do another £1 trial month, so I'm giving No Man's Sky another try.
There seems to be a lot less lag, this time around, but whether that's due to a better service, or less people trying to use the service all at the same time, or more people being at work now instead of lockdown at home.. .. who can say.
It does seem a fair bit better though.
I'll try out some more lag-prone games later.

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Posted : Saturday, 28 May 2022, 08:20
Sooo much smoother.
I was able to "play" Flight Sim on it.
... and by "play" I mean ramming the plane into the ground, then toggling the free-view camera, and floating around looking at the horrors of my village!


Nice house, shame about the garden.

The shop I used to work in.

The joyous wonders of Bolton Town Hall

.. And that's probably all I'll "play" of that game.

It ran smoothly, no glitching, but noticeable lag. Lag's not really all that important in this game, though, so it was alright.

The new PacMan Arcade collection popped up on it, too, and .. boy, is that bad with lag!!
That's REALLY bad with lag!!

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