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Socoder -> Health Matters -> Wifey is having a very rough go...

Fri, 02 Jun 2023, 21:14

Wifey is having a very rough go...

Her diabetes is really out of control, and it is causing her to retain so much water she is really blown up like the Michelin Man. She can barely walk, and certainly only to the kitchen or bathroom. She has fallen four times over the past couple of months.

One fall was on the way to our van to take her to wound care (pressure wound), and she fell outside. I can't get her up, too heavy. Took four paramedics to come out and get her on her feet.

Worst was in the kitchen, fell and her fact smashed into the kitchen drawers. Right side of her face was all black and blue bad and swollen, black eye, bruised and swollen on the top of her head.

Each fall, has only messed her legs up worse.

Doc gave her some new meds to try and get rid of the water. It is to the point, where the Dr is worried about her having her breathing or even heart restricted due to the amount of water up in that area.

*sighs* Simply cannot handle losing another wifey, especially so damn soon. She HAS to get better.
Wed, 07 Jun 2023, 16:24
Took her to physical therapy yesterday, and on the way back in the house, coming up the couple of steps in the back, she fell in spite of the heavy duty handrail I put in. Just missed cracking the back of her head open on the wood for the one flower bed. Landed on rocks and bricks. She fell around a corner, held on to the rail for as long as she could, and it took her around the corner as she fell.

Had she fallen straight back, she would have fallen on a blackberry bush and I would still be picking thorns out of her.

*sighs* Poor thing.