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Thu, 31 Aug 2023, 20:08
Can we PLEASE have a button to click on for QUOTE tags? One of the most used things on a forum and we do not have a button for it. We could lose the button for the horizontal line and put a QUOTE button there?
Thu, 31 Aug 2023, 20:08
Thank you.
Thu, 07 Sep 2023, 02:16
I got to sleep at a decent hour, last night.
I woke to an influx of unnecessary quoting.
25% of the content posted last night was quotes.

That’s a quarter of ALL the posted content, which was copy and pasted content, FROM THE VERY SAME THREADS.

This post exists..

And that quote is so completely fucking unnecessary.
The conversation flowed well enough without having to backtrack to the earlier question.
Imagine if every single contestant on every single gameshow had to answer the question, but first had to repeat the question.
THAT is what that post is.
That is useless, and that is unnecessary, and that is wasteful content.

To Quote myself upon Kuron asking exactly the same question back in 2014.
Also, yeah, a lot of the things on SoCoder are based almost exclusively on my pet-hates of the DigitalSpy forums!!
If you've ever wondered why we don't have a simple, easy to use Quote button, it's because of posts like this...

99% copy+paste, 1% actual content..
That kind of post..... Grrrr.. RAWR!!!!

And THAT is why we don’t have a quote button.

Button deleted.

It barely lasted a week.

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 07 Sep 2023, 03:02
Bummer 😞
I missed out.
Thu, 07 Sep 2023, 03:04
Quotes haven't gone away, and quotes have been a part of the BBCode since 2006.
But since the button was added last week, there's been nothing but repetition all over the forum.

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 07 Sep 2023, 06:15
In another forum I visit, they get around that problem by having a minimum number of words you must have compared with the the quote, if you are under they display an error: You are quoting significantly more words than you have written. Consider whether you need to quote at all -- unless you are quoting to respond to a specific statement, it's usually easier to just mention who you're responding to. Otherwise, trim the quoted passages down as much as you can.