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Created : 05 September 2019

#431 - Happy Birthday

Weekly Newsletter

; Happy Birthday

#431 - Thursday 05th September, 2019

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Every Thursday, finally changing it to Thursday. Farewell, Fridays.


; Happy Birthday!

A few nice additions, to celebrate SoCoder's Birthday.

1.. All (or, as many as still work!) of the old SoCoder Newsletters are now available in the site. It's been a couple of years since I overhauled the way the newsletter works, and I was too damn lazy to ever fix the old ones.
I finally got around to it, this week, so why not celebrate SoCoder's birthday with a trip back through the newsletter archives!

2.. Mass Poll Deletion. I deleted the old, tired polls, and replaced them with a huge (HUGE) list of videogames. Each poll has the year listed, so feel free to Google for those particular games.
And we've enough of these polls to last the next 5 years, so... get used to 'em!!

3.. Themes. I've added a couple of new themes to the site. They're nothing amazing, but I hadn't done any since 2017, so figured it might be a good idea to do a few.
But remember : I have little or no artistic talent!!


; Continued Hardware

Spinal carries on work on his C64 Handheld project.
Finally getting the screen up and running, working on the touchscreen, and more.
A busy week of advancements!

; Blockman Update

AndyH treats us to a pic, and some possible ideas, for Blockman Gets Twenty, his reimagining of the classic Pac-Man Style Puzzle game, for the Vic20

; Pakz Warriors

Pakz designed a bunch of warriors of different styles.
Would LOVE to see a retro style Gauntlet kind of game with these sprites.
Make it happen, Pakz!!


; OUYA Moniez!

It appears that Razer may or may not be paying out owed profits from any OUYA games.
Over at that OUYAForum, there's a discussion about who has and hasn't been paid.
If you're expecting anything, or even if you're not, let them know.


; Netflix Recommendations

Have you watched anything fun on Netflix lately?
Pop it in the thread!
I should probably start one of these threads for Amazon Prime, too.
Haven't watched anything on there for a while, though.

; A Bad Coding Experience

Jay has a bad coding experience.


; Train Game

Paul's game for the week sees him trying to escape on a train.
But what is he running from?
The unforgiving regiment of having to make more games, weekly??!

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And the obligatory Post-Mortem

; Birthday Game

Richard Osman's started a new podcast, all about guessing Celebrity ages!


; Happy Birthday

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; Installing

Welcome back to '98!

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; Tweet2-D2



; Exploring

Martin goes a-wanderin'

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; Quiz Time

Tom Scott creates a gameshow

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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Sing along!
The lyrics are right there.. what's wrong with you??!

And for English viewers


VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 05 September 2019, 10:14
Caw, flippin' 'eck!.... I'm gonna have a very altered image of Clare Grogan stuck in my head for the rest of the day.