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Created : 28 February 2019

#405 - Under News

Weekly Newsletter

; Under News

#405 - Friday 01st March, 2019

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Every Friday, Waiting Impatiently


; Hello World

As I write this, it's Wednesday night, on the 27th February.
Me, and at least a few other people, all around the globe, are impatiently waiting for KORG Gadget 2 to arrive.
KORG started that the massive update would occur in February 2019, and we literally have just over a day of that, remaining.
What goodies will be included?
Nobody's quite sure, but they've stated this will be "2".. not just a regular update, but like a huge big megaton thing..

.. but where is it?
KORG have been eerily silent, and nothing's happening in the AppStore..

Where is KORG Gadget 2?


It finally showed up at about 3 in the morning!



Sure has been quiet at SoCoder, this month.
We're getting the regular number of poll votes, but interactivity is at an all time low.

I've been considering doing some kind of challenge/workshop thing for March, and have the title "Marching Orders" in mind, but...

.. yeah, that could be misconstrued!!


; Brexit!

Jm2bits does his own Brexit, in that he exits Britain and heads to Berlin.
But that's it. No further posts.. No pics... No nothing..
Does SoCoder work properly outside of Britain?!


; Hoodies?

Newcomer TKS asks about a possible SoCoder Hoodie, and Jay grumbles that he can never find the right "upload design, multiple uses" site that can automate these kinds of things.
... and then doesn't do the hoodie, 'cos he's a lazy twat.
He should get onto that..


; One Book

They say everyone's got one great book in them.
Is this Spinal's book??!

Oh, yeah, talking of books. Sara Cox has written an autobiography, and apparently there's quite a lot about bullying in it..
... I am SO going to have to buy that book!!!


; Motion Sickness

What does it take to get motion sick?
Tom takes a drive to find out.

View on YouTube

; Classic Cartoon

Memories of Rolf's Cartoon Club!

; Musical Interlude


; Danger

Them's fightin' Words...


; Temporal Fudge

Mickey and Pals set off on a time travel adventure, in a chronojohn

View on YouTube

; Important Review

Ice cube trays

; Crossing

Geoff gets up close to a train

; Dead Mall

Who buys up the dead malls..?

; Ooooooooooooklahoma



; 80s Sitcoms

How many do YOU remember?

View on YouTube
... I got 4..

; Peoplemover

TechConnect Guy takes a look at Disney's transit system, and their third version, outside of Disney!

; 25%

So different!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube





TVCover Corner

View on YouTube


And who better to play it properly, than the original composer?


VGRemix Corner

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