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Created : 07 November 2019

#440 - Getting News With It

Weekly Newsletter

; Getting News With It

#440 - Thursday 07th November, 2019

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Every Thursday, Staying Critically Triangular


; Hello World

Twice since the last newsletter I've had to take a trip to the Doctors.
Once for a Flu Jab, the second for blood samples.
I fully expect to have to go stumbling my way down there again, next week, to be told I have TERRIBLE CHOLESTEROL!!

I know I do, It's because I'm not exercising enough.
They keep saying "Pills Pills Pills", and I keep saying "More physical activity" and they keep saying "But just take these tablets, and magic!", and I'm all "FFS, that's just giving up. I don't want to stop bothering, and just take fucking pills.", and they're "You've been saying that for years", and I'm "FUCK YOU, I'M NOT GIVING UP"
.. Every year's the same.

I don't want to give up..



; Centipede Progress

Steve's Centipede clone is coming along wonderfully, and he's even posted an early beta if you'd like to have a play.
Nice smooth movement, lovely shiny scores, big ass bugs!! (But the good sort)
Shoot the pedes!

; Blitz3D Bug

An old bug reappears, as Dan stumbles upon that bug where changing resolutions in Blitz3D breaks all the images.
Lesson : It's good practice to keep track of your files yourself, and never a good idea to trust what DirectX tells you!
Basically, if it's anything Microsoft's made, then it's also probably something that Microsoft managed to break a week later.
Blitz can only protect you so far!


; Westwards

Tons of posts on last week's Word of the Week. Westwords brought images, music, games and even a song parody!
Awesome content!!

; Physis

This week's Word of the Week is a rather odd word, but one that we'll craft and build around with our awesome abilities.
Creativity. It's in our very nature.

SoCoder2 : Electric Boogaloo

; Width of a Letter

Spinal tries to get a bitmap font width finding function to work properly, but has issues.

; Point vs Polygon

Pakz posts a function to detect whether a point is within the area of a polygon.


; War of the Worlds

The BBC have created a Period-True version of War of the Worlds.
Could be interesting!
.. Could also be a bag of shit. There's only one way to find out.
The show starts on 17th of November.

; Samsung Windows Tablet

Jay gets to play with some fancy technology, but isn't very impressed.
Bulky, Awkward, and .. pretty much exactly what he expected from a Windows Tablet.
There's a reason Apple didn't put MacOS on their phones and tablets, and constantly seeing Microsoft try again, and again, to cram Windows onto such devices, is always disappointing.


; OUYA Refit

A group of hackyfolk are working on a functional firmware replacement for OUYA system that will bring old broken systems back from the brink of death.
They're trying to track down, and get help from as many of the original OUYA Game Library's devs as they can, to help recompile their games and bring them to the new firmware.
If you're a dev, perhaps you can help.
.. But all they currently have is a Discord channel, and I'm fairly sure that nobody reading this will have time for such a thing.
We're on a forum, and we're comfortable there!!
I'm currently bickering with one of the ringleaders, over on the OUYAForum forum, and I'm hoping I'm getting through, but .. *shrugs*


; Spriting with Pakz

Pakz has taken to drawing a bunch of spaceship sprites, and one of them looks a lot like Xenon, sparking a whole Xenon styled secondary set of sprites.

; OrangePixel Anniversary

OrangePixel games celebrates 15 years of IndieDev

; Petit Competitions?!

Looks like Petit Switch will be getting competitions in it's future, as a new "Contests" upload feature has been added to the menu system!


; A load of balls

View on YouTube

; Bless the Rains


; Honk



; New PC

Linus builds a PC, then sells it for $20!

View on YouTube

; New Synth

Making a mini Midi Synth


; Life in a Jar

View on YouTube

; Studio Tour

Brent takes us around his office

; Getting Jiggy With a Camera

Will Smith has a fun time.

2000s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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