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Created : 26 March 2020

#460 - Don't Stand So Close To News

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't Stand So Close to News

#460 - Thursday 26th March, 2020

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Every Thursday, Worried about family


; Hello Enclosed World

As the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) continues to spread throughout the world, approximately a third of the population of the planet is currently in lockdown.
People all over the world are being asked to try to work from home.
Schools, Parks, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Gyms. They've all closed.
Sports events, from local football to the Olympics, are all being cancelled and shut down.
Eurovision's not happening. Glastonbury's off.
Even in Broadcast media, Radio shows are being broadcast from presenter's homes, and big Saturday night TV shows are happening without an audience.
The pandemic is huge, and some are suggesting we're still at the early stages of the thing.

And all the while, NHS staff continue to do the wonderful job that they do.
Fighting the fight, putting themselves at risk, and trying their absolute damndest to ensure we're all safe and healthy, even under the miserable conditions that the government has put them under.
A great big thank you to every single one of them.

Stay at home, if you should.
Stay safe.
And look after each other.



; How Are You?

A thread in which we chat about how we are, given the shit state of the world, right now.
Chip in and say hi, and let us know you're safe.

; Birthday Shouts

Spinal and TheRevillsGames both had birthday's this week.
As the world turns to hell, there's at least cake to be had.


; Refuel

This week's word is "Refuel"
It could be a story about refilling your car's petrol tank, about having a relaxing session to prepare yourself for the next item on your todo list, or perhaps even about eating one of those rubbish expensive chocolate protein bars.
If you can think of something creative to do with the word Refuel, pop it into this week's Word of the Week thread.


; RIP - Kenny Rogers

Country Musician

; RIP - Albert Uderzo

Creator of Asterix

; RIP - Bill Pearson

Model Maker, most notably of Red Dwarf fame

There's been a few Celebrity Deaths, this week, and the chances are there's going to be a fair few more in the coming months.
I'm thinking of maybe making a single thread for the meantime, and getting all shoutbox-RIP's to automagically add to that.
Would anyone mind if I did that?


; Neiltendo

Spinal posted a pic of a little console he's been making, to Twitter, and not to the Forum.
Insert many sad faces, here.

; VideoGameFlix

Chris finds 40 Videogame related things to watch on Netflix, UK

; RetroFusion

Rockford tips us off to the fact that Fusion have posted a selection of their Retro magazine/books online for free, to help alleviate some of the stress of the whole Isolation stuff.
PDF's all around!


; Humble Music Pack

Humble Bundle, usually the realm of videogames, has unveiled a Music Creators pack.
Full of lovely synths, as well as some large Sound Libraries (which I'm assuming would be easily useable .wav/.aif files?) there's quite a lot on offer.

; Tricks and Tips

Andrew gives some tips on Music Production

View on YouTube

; Chooning

Making some ElectroSwing with LyreLeTemps



Nobody's at work. Carry on..

View on YouTube

; Coming Soon


; Black Mesa

Yahtzee takes a peek at the finally final version of the Half Life remake.

; Stay Safe

Tune your radio to the emergency frequency.


; Who's in Colour

View on YouTube

; Prince of Pixels


; Copyright

A big 45 minute video from Tom Scott, all about copyright in the digital age.

; Angry Videogamer

SEGA finally get their comeuppance.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube



VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube




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