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Created : 12 November 2020

#490 - News Limits

Weekly Newsletter

; News Limits

#490 - Thursday 12th November, 2020

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Every Thursday, Unless Hospitalised


; Hello World

Well, that was a thing..

Apparently shunt tubes aren't permanent, and can inexplicably dissolve/otherwise, leaving you with quite frankly scary as fuck hallucinations and more.
Who knew!?


; Windows!

Spinal posted a lovely theme for (Not WindowBlinds) Curtains, which is modelled after a classic Windows style.

; Fixings

After a change of plan for the rest of the year, Jay decides to take things easier, and simply work on little tweaks and fixings for the site and such.
If you've any features you've always wanted on SoCoder, add it to the thread, and Jay will see what he can do.


Covid carries on.
Throughout my recent stay in hospital, pretty much all of the nurses on the ward had already had it. That was probably one of the scarier things in there.

Meanwhile, back on the forum, TKS has revealed that both him and his girlfriend have both gotten it.
Well wishes, distant ascii hugs, and good thoughts to them both.



; Codesale

Codemasters have been sold. OMGWTFBBQ!?!
Take-Two now have control of all things Codies, so expect the next GTA to be rebranded as "Advanced Car Thief Simulator".

; GPD Win 3

Jay really likes the form factor of GPD's latest Mini-Windows-Handheld.. All except for one tiny issue.


; Future of Macs

Apple have revealed the first of their new Apple-Silicon Macs, with super insane prices as usual.
Are you tempted to try out this new world of computer technology?
Or are you put off by the fact that it's a Mac?

; Future of Consoles

Sony and Microsoft's latest monolyths are mid-launch as I type this.
The Xbox Series Box of X or S was launched a couple of days ago, and the US launch of the PS4 is due tomorrow, though I'm not sure when the UK launch is.
Are you tempted to jump on the "Expensive boxes that don't have any proper games yet" tech collection?
Have you already bought one!?
What are your thoughts?


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude



; Bad TV

What you can't do on British TV

View on YouTube

; Bad Music

You probably shouldn't touch this


; The Past

Tomorrow's World looks back at the past decade.

View on YouTube

; Rocket Time

Adam unboxed a rocket!

; The X Files Game

That game you kept looking at, back in the day, but never bought..

; Cheap vs Steep

A lovely big fry

; Wibbly Wobbly

TechConnections has fun with Image Stabilisation

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



MovieCover Corner

View on YouTube




(Can you tell I wrote this bit a couple of weeks ago?!)

VGRemix Corner

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