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Posted : Friday, 06 September 2019, 03:17

Introduce Yourself

We had a couple of newcomers sign up, yesterday, but they've been silent.
I figured they probably scoured for this kind of thread, but left having never found it.
As such, I've decided to post such a thread, and figure out some way of keeping it "near the top"

... what's that, Jay, you never coded a Stickify function?!
*sigh* silly Jay.

Feel free to reintroduce yourself in this thread.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Friday, 06 September 2019, 03:20
Hi, I'm Jayenkai, and I make games.
I make too many games.
>> I can't cope, and I'm rapidly going insane.

I'm the admin/moderator/chief whinger at SoCoder, and will try to help with most issues, even if I have absolutely no experience with those matters whatsoever, because I'm a nosey bugger.
I rant frequently, and often need to be put in my place.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Friday, 06 September 2019, 06:17
Hi I'm Ian

I used to make games for pc, mobile, handheld consoles etc, now I just make myself too busy to do anything

Take anything and everything I say with a pinch of salt. Except everything I just said.

BTW crap Advent calendars are my speciality and something I look forward to each year.
Posted : Friday, 06 September 2019, 10:30
Hi, I'm Steve

I do stinking, and extremely loud, farts.
Posted : Friday, 06 September 2019, 14:56
Hi, I'm James.

I used to code a few little game projects as I was growing up (most of which were entries into Jay's Wednesday Workshops!). Then I got an actual job in the games industry, which ironically leaves me little time / energy for hobby programming!

I'm pretty silent these days (despite my best intentions), but I still lurk.

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...

Keep It Simple, Shroom!
Posted : Saturday, 07 September 2019, 05:14
Hello, I am AndyH and I enjoy making games.

I made games in Ovine for over a decade, mostly remakes but later some phone/tablet games. (Simpsons impression) You may remember me from such games as Imogen, Sky is Falling and Bee in a Bubble.

Today I struggle to find the time to make games but have returned to my original love of Commodore, in particular the Vic 20 (but also C64) and using Turbo Rascal I have started to make 8-bit games again. So far I have released Vic Nibbler (a remake) and am currently working on an adaption of Jayenkai's Blockman Gets in the form of Blockman Gets Twenty.

Andy H
8-bit games at hewco.uk
Cartoons at awful.ovine.net
Ovine at ovine.net
Posted : Saturday, 07 September 2019, 12:38
My name is Rudy,

After getting a Commodore Amiga I discovered it could be used to create all sorts of things. I mostly played games on it though but started doing all sorts of creative things also.

I do not play that much games anymore(Minecraft *cough*) and now code(games/tools) and draw and create tunes and write.
Posted : Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 07:01
Hi, im Dan and i do not like introductions.

I'm self taught (hobby) programmer, started by typing in some basic progs on the c64/C128D and toying around with the action replay cartrige.

Next computer was the Amiga 500 with AR3 cartridge, and with it the Amiga Basic later Amos Pro.
I converted few of the Basic progs, from C64 to the amiga, and wrote some little games like Simon, Towers Of Hanoi, Tic Tac Toe (with computer player) but nobody saw them yet.
I have transferred the diskettes to the PC, because with the PC came the Emulation, so all the sourcecode and even the executables are still 'preserved'.

On the PC i had used the Win BasicBasic alot, on the win3.11. Later I used Dark Basic. I have bought BB2D but never managed to use it, somehow.
Later I got the B3d and this i'm still using for programming.

Atm i have 2 unfinished projects (games), of which one is almost done - the level saving routine is not written yet.
Posted : Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 15:44
Hey there, Rychan here.

I like coding games that are going to challenge my skills be that a new language , new platform and just coding stuff in general, I work as a web / application designer / developer across a fair number of languages which gets pretty crazy sometimes.

I've got a ton of unfinished projects that I really need to sort out and will, at some point, once I've got my head fixed ( just split up, everything is a little weird, finding a new life balance with the kids, etc) I'll be coding NES stuff up again in the ASMs

Might not be as regular on here as before but should be again in the future hopefully!

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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