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Socoder -> Off Topic -> New Security Cameras...

Sat, 13 Aug 2022, 16:40

New Security Cameras...

I bought three security cameras and put them up. Although I was very impressed with them, only one would connect to the crappy WiFi router we had. So, I bought a new router exactly like I used in the new house in Tennessee.

All works perfectly, and now I can be in the house and check live feed from them via my cell phone connected to the WiFi.

Sharing pictures of them and the quality. Look awesome when in night mode, too, can see the town and the cars fairly well. In the second picture, in the back left, you can see the red door of the garage. There is a carport next to the garage and on the back of the garage, Camera 3 is mounted showing the driveway.

I think I will get a 4th camera and put it so I can see the car port and the side entrance for the garage. Should have very good coverage then...

Thoughts? Picture quality is very good IMHO.

Sun, 14 Aug 2022, 07:58
The picture quality is indeed fantastic.

Do you have a need for cameras? Is the crime rate high in the area or are there unusual activities around there?

But whatever your reasons, looks like you picked some good cameras there
Sun, 14 Aug 2022, 15:59
Looks good, I've got a reolink too, not the same model and they are good. My 2.4ghz wifi is pretty slow I think I have too many devices connected to it.
Sun, 14 Aug 2022, 17:51
I'm on Reolink, too.
Coupled with my Synology DiskStation NAS, the NAS has a "Surveillance Center" that handles all the recording.
we've two indoors (wire for power, wireless connection) and a single outdoor solar one.
Annoyingly the solar one won't connect to the NAS, because it reserves power as much as it can, and the constant stream to the NAS is a step too far.
Gotta wire them up to get that functionality.

But it happily stores to its microSD, and you can watch it back via the Reolink app.
The two indoor cams are sat in front of windows, poking out. They're "good enough" in a ... "man, I wish I'd just bought some PoE external cameras instead" sort of way..
The glare/reflection often impacts their quality, especially later in the day when the sun's beating down.
Like I say, fitting proper PoE outdoor ones would solve both of these issues, but that requires getting up a big ladder with a big power tool, and doing it that way.

.. oh, and a PoE router, too!

They work well enough.


Word to the wise, though, don't leave your NAS downloading a torrent of Dreamcast games, because it'll overwhelm the hard drive, and end up cutting off the security cams.. bugger!!!
I think I might have to buy a secondary NAS just for the cams.
.. and then I'll probably end up buying the PoE router, and then the external cams, too.

... gawd, when you start....

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Sun, 14 Aug 2022, 19:44
Wow you have a major issue with that cam Jay... There is a black bar across the image

Also watch out for that cat
Fri, 26 Aug 2022, 23:43
I am glad to know others have this brand. I am very impressed with it. Sorry for the delay in replying, but we have been sick here.

I got the 4th camera. Camera 3 is now known as Camera 4, and the new one is Camera 3.

Here are some shots at night from all of them. If you look at the second one, it did a great job of picking up the neighbor's cat. S/he must like that spot, because it comes and lays down there most every night. I am very impressed with the night quality!

Sat, 27 Aug 2022, 03:42
Those shots are excellent quality. Exactly what you'd hope for from something like this.

Hopefully you'll never need them to show evidence of crime etc.
Sat, 27 Aug 2022, 05:49
The day we arrived here from TN, we discovered somebody had stolen the battery out of the pickup truck. There is also a "history" with the next door neighbor. Blown away by the quality.
Sat, 27 Aug 2022, 06:22
Tue, 30 Aug 2022, 23:58
Question for those with Reolinks? What happens when the memory card gets full, does it overwrite the old stuff or does it need to be formatted?

Can't find this info in the manual...
Wed, 31 Aug 2022, 01:37
Depends on the software, but typically it'll cycle like a dash cam would.

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Wed, 31 Aug 2022, 09:34
Just got an email from Reolink, telling me their Summer Sale is on, with all links leading to Amazon.
A nice starter package would be this kit featuring 4 outdoor 5MP PoE cameras, and a 2Tb hub to record everything on.
Currently £288, which isn't bad for all of that.. I think.. maybe!

Their Amazon Page has more deals

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