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Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 02:11
Something to blow your mind....
Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 02:11
If religions are correct and everything that ever happens is because a 'god' planned and everything that happens in the univers is according to this plan.
You have no free will.
On the other hand, if science is correct and every particle in the universe adheres to strict mathematical rules, every single particles interaction with other particles can be 100% predicted, even your own thoughts.
You have no free will.

So no matter what the reason...
You have no free will.

If you think about it, your eye colour was predetermined squillions of years ago before the big bang, entirely by the placement of all the particles in the universe before they exploded...

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Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 02:17
IMHO religions are no more than a list of moral guidelines. But yeah, you could argue that despite the chaotic randomness of particles, it is all going along a fixed trajectory.

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Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 04:47
If my life was pre-destined, then someone fucked up.

.. Well, at least it wasn't me!

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Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 11:52
Here is my personal opinion:

Everything is Pre-Determined by God, that is right.

But you have to say that God does not wait on TIME. Whatever he has planed, is already done. But people, here on earth, can delay. Delay = Time.

When someone Assign Cruelty to God, then sure, it looks like as they do not have a free will. But that is not so.

In God, you did not have the Choice. God had cleared your thoughts from everything that would HURT you (or everyone else) - so you have done whatever was right good and holy - and only that.

But inventiveness (or as the bible said: "They saw they were naked and started clothing themselves") brought you in a situation in which you had to decide that God is not your Father, but your enemy - (because he could destroy the world you have made, and this you do know unconsciously at least)

So - here on earth there is the "Pain" or "Joy" of Choosing from these two, and that is your free will here.

If God were cruel, NOTHING would exist, at all. He would simply cease to exist, and with it all what you know in the past, present or the future to come - could simply not exists. never. My english is not perfect, but this is correctly formulated here.

What happened for the people on earth, and as the Bible says: Adam has fallen asleep, in which nightmares have taken over. And if you see pain/hate/fear anywhere - you can be sure that the dream is still going on, because the bible does not say that adam has waken up.

Anyway, it is not mine to "convince" you how lovely God is, because you have the free will to place your belief where you want to, and if you do not want to believe in Goodness of God, its your problem - God is not troubled by that.

There are ways to 'Prove' that God exists. But you have to be willing to do so, and you can prove it only to yourself.

Lately i have had following thoughts:

"God is as real for the 'Believers' as he is unreal for the Non-believers. Who is right ? Both. because it is not a question of who is right or wrong, but it is in the way, in which they block God from the awareness."

Have a nice day !
Posted : Thursday, 16 May 2019, 11:53
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